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How working with a home buyer company works

The normal real estate sales process

The best way to describe the process with a home buyer company like us and how it works with a traditional real estate sales process is by starting with what most people currently do.

In a traditional sales process, most homeowners opt to hire a listing agent. This agent’s job is to advise and recommend things that the homeowner can do to raise the valuation of the home, and once those tasks are done, to then take photos and market the property.

A listing agent is essentially a marketer for homes, and they are supposed to have the most expert opinion when it comes to selling your home.

This is what that process looks like:
1. In order to help the agent do their job best without making you leave a bunch of money on the table, you need to make repairs on the home to bring them up to standards on the market. This money comes out of your pocket.

2. Once the repairs are done, the list agent will then take photos (quality varies based on who you hire), and prepare the listings for the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and various other platforms that may attract potential buyers.

3. Most of the time a house sits on the market because of a bad starting price. So, the listing agent will start a little high and then slowly drop the price in order to attract buyers.

4. Once buyers are interested in viewing the property, the listing agent will begin showing the property. If you’re living in the home, they may ask that you’re not there or you will have a lot of interruptions.

5. When buyers become interested, they will start putting in offers. At this point you can start to entertain and consider those offers, and that’s when the negotiations begin.

6. Buyers will try to negotiate the price down by picking at everything that could possibly cost money when they purchase the home.

7. If they are financing, their bank will require an inspection and appraisal.

8. The buyer may not get approved for the loan, OR they may back out, which wastes a lot of time and makes the process start all over again.

9. Once you make it through this phase, then you can go to closing. At closing, around 7% will be taken out of the sales price. 3% for the listing agent, 3% for the buying agent, and ~1% for the closing costs.

The biggest downsides to this?

You are responsible for covering the repair costs.

You will likely have to drive your price down a bit to match the market and then negotiate with the buyer.

You will pay for commissions and closing costs.

This can take months.

What our process looks like

When working with us, we cut out most of those steps in a traditional process.

1. We gather information about the property, it’s current state, and anything attached to it (liens, dues, etc).

2. We inspect the home ourselves to verify its condition and what we would need to budget for repairs. You will not need to make ANY repairs.

3. We present you a few different options, including a cash offer.

4. When we go to closing, there are no commissions to be paid, and we will cover the closing costs.

In many cases, this whole process can take 1-2 weeks. And you will not have to pay ANY money out of pocket.

Depending on your situation, you will either walk away with cash or you will simply offload the property so that it’s no longer a financial burden on you and your family.

We try to make this process as simple and easy as possible!

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